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Test it online

If you already have Java installed on your machine, you can start Fachwerk3D right now. The first starting process takes a while, because appr. 1.1 MB have to be transfered.

or click here.

An example is available in the menu "Help --> example". <F9> starts the calculation.

If it doesn't work, Java might be missing on your computer.
Then get the latest version of Java.

If the program does not start and a text file (xml) is showed instead, but Java is installed: Save the file (ending .jnlp) and click on it in the file manager, or open it with javaws.

Use it

The Web Start version of Fachwerk3D is fully functional.

Nevertheless it is recommended to download the zip-file (or rpm-package) and install the program normally, if you intend to use it. The zip-file contains the program, examples and information (introduction, FAQ, Licence).

If you want to see the messages that are normally written in the console window, switch on the javaws option "show java console". This is not necessary for just exploring the application.