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Easy to use graphical user interface.
The input of the model is straight forward.
Equilibrium only.
Just set the member forces in statical indeterminate models. You don't have to assign any member stiffness.
Failure mechanisms are detected and drawn.
That way it is easy to find missing members in the model or to prove that a system is kinematic and contradicts equilibrium.
No unnecessary bearings or members are required.
Fachwerk allows unstable, kinematic models, as long as equilibrium conditions are fulfilled.

More features

dxf, bgd, csv
Display drawings in the background. If no CAD system is available, use the very simple text based bgd format. Example file. In order to speed up entering the model, Fachwerk allows to snap to the background drawing. Therefore a "drawing" can just be a list of points saved in a spreadsheet csv file.

1:50, 1:100, 1:20
Print to scale

A documentation of the model (node coordinates, members, forces, etc.) can be printed easily.

Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Unix
Runs on every platform which runs Java

Free, open source software. Fachwerk is subject to the free licence GPL. The math library used is subject to this licence.

Eurocode, SIA, DIN, OeNorm, BS, ACI, AASHTO, etc.
Norm independant. Nevertheless the use of SI (metric) units is assumed.

Fachwerk has been translated to English, German and French.